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Victoria Cross


1858 - Azumgurh, India
Michael Murphy

1858 - Azumgurh, India
Samual Morley


1879 - Rorke's Drift, 
South Africa
Acting Assistant Comissary
James Dalton


1918 - Bethune, France
Richard Masters

1918 - Montagne Bridge, 
2nd Lieutenant 
Alfred Herring

George Cross


1946, Lyemun Barracks, 
Hong Kong
Jospeh Hughes



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Medals and Battle Honours

Victoria Cross


MURPHY, Michael.
Farrier. 2nd Battalion. Military Train. *
London Gazetted on the 27th May, 1859.
Born in 1831 at Cahir, Tipperary, Ireland.
Died on 4th April 1893 at Darlington, County Durham.
Memorial on grave at Darlington North Municipal Cemetery, Darlington. County Durham.
Digest of Citation reads:
On the 15th April, 1858 during the pursuit of Koer Singh's rebel army from Asimeghur, India, Farrier Murphy along with Private Morley, also the 2nd Battalion, went to the rescue of Lieutenant HAMILTON, Adjutant of the 3rd d Sikh Cavalry, who had been wounded, dismounted and was surrounded by the enemy. Farrier Murphy cut down several of the enemy and was himself severely wounded, however this did not deter him and he never left Lieutenant HAMILTON's side until support arrived.
* Royal Army Service Corps.
Additional information:. Michael Murphy was promoted to Farrier-Major, in the 7th Hussars. The Victoria Cross was awarded to him, but not to Private Morley.
Private Morley felt somewhat perturbed when he learned that Farrier Murphy had been awarded the Victoria Cross, when they had both been involved in the rescue of the Lieutenant. He told General Paget CB of his grievance, during his inspection at Aldershot in 1860. The general took up the complaint, read reports of the action, and on the evidence,. the powers that be decided that Morley should also receive the VC.



Secundra Bagh after the slaughter of 2,000 Rebels by the 93rd Highlanders and 4th Punjab Regiment







Regimental Battle Honours

Peninsular - Waterloo - Luknow - Takus Forts - Peking



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