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Royal Logistics Corps


royal logistics corps


royal logistics corps Royal Logistics Corps
















royal logistics corps

The Royal Logistic Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps is the British Army corps that provides the logistic support for the Army. It is the largest corps in the British Army.

Flag of RLCThe Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) was formed on Monday 5 April 1993, by the union of the following British Army corps:

Royal Corps of Transport
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Royal Pioneer Corps
Army Catering Corps
Royal Engineers Postal and Courier Service
The RLC comprises both Regular and Reserve (Territorial Army) units.

The RLC is the only Corps of the British Army with battle honours, derived from the use of the previous transport elements (Royal Waggon Train, etc) being used as heavy cavalry. The battle honours are:

Taku Forts
The RLC claims 5 Victoria Crosses and 19 Albert medals or George Crosses.

In the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, the Royal Logistic Corps held the prestigious honour of having the most athletes from the British Army competing in the Games. These were Private Musa Audu (Nigeria), Private Seidu Duah (Ghana), Lance Corporal Josephus Thomas (Sierra Leone) and Corporal Joselyn Thomas (Sierra Leone). Private Audu achieved success at the Olympics when he was part of 4 x 400m relay final that won the Bronze medal for Nigeria.

The current Colonel-in-Chief (an honorary position) is HRH The Princess Royal. The Deputy Colonels-in-Chief are HRH The Duke of Gloucester and HRH The Duchess of Kent.

Royal Logistic Corps landing craft, the ArezzoThe corps' cap badge is an amalgamation of the forming corps' capbadges:

The star is from the Royal Corps of Transport
The crossed axes are from the Royal Pioneer Corps
The laurel and garter band is from the Royal Engineers
The shield in the centre is from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps
The motto, "We sustain", is from the Army Catering Corps
The inscription on the garter band "Honi soit qui mal y pense" can be translated as "Evil to him who evil thinks". It is usually seen on the insignia of Regiments and Corps with 'Royal' in their title.

The corps is nicknamed "The Loggies" or the "Really Large Corps", since the Corps forms approximately 17% of the British Army. It is the Army's single largest component. Soldiers can belong to one of 18 trade groups.

The corps has the alliances with the logistic units of Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. It is affiliated with 4 Livery Companies of the City of London.

The Corps Headquarters is at Princess Royal BarracksPrincess Royal , Deepcut.

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